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Standard Silent Cat Accessories

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Standard Silent Cat Accessories

Mitchell Mount

The Mitchell Mount is standard to every Silent Cat Camera Slider. It contains two keys (.378 and .394) to accommodate the different key way options that the industry produces.

ATA Approved Cases

The Silent Cat™ Sliders have custom ATA Approved Cases that are designed to protect the slider under all transportation circumstances. The cases are also designed to store the optional accessories, i.e. Cat Paws or the 150mm Ball Mount.

TCSC Hardware

Each slider is equipped with four Speed Rail Starters, two 2k Male/750 Female Studs and four 750 Studs. All of the hardware has 3/8” x 16 standard threads. The Silent Cat™ End Block has twenty 3/8” x 16 standard threaded holes for rigging the slider. Additionally, the Intermediate Accessory Block provides rigging points anywhere on the frame of the slider.


TCSC Counterweight Tray

The Silent Cat™ Counter Weight Tray accessory easily installs into the Carry Handle of the End Block. It provides a base for counter weight, whenever you locate the Pan Mounting Plate on the end of the slider to create a cantilever.

Optional Silent Cat Accessories

TCSC Set of 4 RIBS

The Rigging Intermediate Accessory Blocks (RIBS) can be clamped anywhere along the length of the slider and provides three 3/8” x 16 Standard Female Threads for rigging the Slider.

TCSC 150 mm Ball Mount

The Silent Cat™ Sliders have an optional 150mm Ball Mount.

TCSC 100 mm Ball Adapter

The Silent Cat™ Sliders have an optional 100mm Ball Mount.