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TCSC 10500 Camera Slider

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The Silent Cat™ 10500 Camera Slider is 126” long and allows a 114” travel. The Silent Cat™10500 is especially useful for camera movement in hard to get to locations i.e. attics, stairs, woods, the beach, car rigs, boat rigs, overhead rigs, etc.

The Silent Cat™10500 can be mounted to a pair of Standard Mitchell Mounts by utilizing 9 mounting positions within its length. Additionally, you can support it with any stands that receive 2K or 750 studs, as well as any speed rail configuration that you want to custom build. By utilizing the Silent Cat™ RIBS (Rigging Intermediate Blocks) you can rig and support the Silent Cat™ 10500 from any point within the frame of the slider.

The Silent Cat™ 10500 utilizes Aurora LT Motion technology for remote operation. When used with the Aurora LT Remote Head the system is synchronized and managed by one controller.


Silent Cat Models and Specs Table (PDF)

TCSC 10500 Camera Slider Product Specs



Track Length




Silent Cat Dimensions

126” x 10”

Gross Weight

262 lbs