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Chapman Leonard Hybrid IV Dolly

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Hybrid IV Camera Dolly E
-Steering Column
Valve Control Handle w/ Collar & Knob
GQ Leveling Head w/ Clutch & 4- Leveling Knobs
8- Medium Tires w/ 8- Quick Tire Change Clips
Tracking Bar w/ 2- End Plugs & 2- Connecting Brackets w/8- Bolts
Grip Pouch, Rear Shin Pad & User Guide
Castle Ring Tie-Down (for GQ head)
Castle Ring Tool
Closed End Wrench (NEW style)
12″ Camera Riser w/ Castle Ring
6″ Camera Riser w/ Castle Ring
3″ Camera Riser w/ Castle Ring
24″ Camera Offset w/ 2-washers + 1-nut & bolt
16″ Camera Offset w/ 2-washers + 1-nut & bolt
90 Degree Hi-Lo Plate *HYBIV-E W/-1- Low Profile Bolt, 1- Quick Release Pin, 4-Way Leveling Head w/ 2- Lock Knobs & 4- Leveling Knobs
-7″ Extension Plate w/ 2- Lock Knobs
-Foot Rest w/ 2- Bolts
90 Degree Angle Plate w/ Quick Release Pin
Dolly Nose Seat w/ Castle Ring
Nose Seat w/ Back Rest & Castle Ring
Standard Dolly Seat w/ Lock Knob & Locking Pin
Locking Swivel Seat w/ Lock Knob & Locking Pin
1- Seat Offset (LONG POST)
2- 12″ Seat Risers (LONG POST)
2- Seat Adapters w/ Rubber Caps (2-15/16″)
2- Struts w/ 2- Bolts each (left & right) (for GQ leveling head)
2- 12″ Tracking Bar Extensions w/ Rubber Caps
2- Front Lift Bars w/ 1- Washer & Bolt EACH
2- Rear Lift/Push Bars w/ 2- Adjustable Sleeves & Lock
Knobs + 2- End Washers & Bolts
2- Standard Corner Boards (left & right)
2- Hinged Corner Boards (interchangeable)
2- Extension Corner Boards
2- Filler Boards (1- Rear & 1- Front w/ stablize tab)
Rear Deck Board
Standing Board
2- Side Boards #2 w/ 1- Lock Knob EACH + 2- Pins w/ Knobs EACH
2- Narrow Sideboards (left & right) #1 w/ 2- Pins w/ Knobs EACH
2- Short Narrow Sideboards #8 w/ 2- Pins EACH
Adjustable Front Board w/ 2- Lock Knobs & 2- Quick Release Pins
Quick Jack w/ Insert Peg
Compact Accessory Cart w/ Plastic Cover & Bag



  • New Sliding Side Board System, Allows Simple Change of Side Board Positioning- Forward or Back
  • New Hinged Corner Boards, Makes Side Board Change Over Simple and Quick
  • Versatile, Adjustable Front Board Allows Quick Change in Mode from Upper to Lower Positioning in Seconds
  • Adaptable Sliding Side Board System with both high and low positions, allowing a variety of positions for the side boards, without removing or changing the boards. Hybrid IV Side Board System incorporates seat and/or light pockets for convenient placement of seats or lights
  • AW Side Board Setup With Hinged Corner Board Setup-High Mode Sliding Side Boards With AW Side Board Setup -High Mode
  • Sliding Side Boards With AW Side Board and Front Board Setup -High Mode
  • Sliding Side Boards, AW Side Board, Adjustable Front Board Setup -Low Mode
  • Sliding Side Boards, AW Side Boards, Adjustable Front Board, Filler Board Setup-High Mode
  • Sliding Side Boards, AW Side Boards, Adjustable Front Board, Filler Board Setup- Low Mode
  • Accommodates three types of steering modes: Conventional, Crab, and Round
  • The Hybrid IV Features Your Choice of Traditional or a New ‘Flowing System’ on Main Control Valve, which Enables Continuous Up and Down Capability of the Arm allowing ‘Non-Stop’ Movement
  • Incorporates an Adjustable Nose, Allowing Easy Repositioning of the Camera
  • Built-in heater system for constant arm speed, even in cold weather conditions
  • New GQ Low Profile, 4-Way Leveling Camera Swing Head with Clutch
  • Hybrid IV can be used with Rain House Cover
  • Hybrid IV has new 12″ Extensions for the Built-in Tracking Bar for use while Dolly is on Track
  • Works on Both Straight or Curved track
  • Works on Both Standard 24 1/2″ Dolly Track and New 880 Track Position of Wheels
  • Precision Engineering for Improved Performance Both on the Ground as well as on Track. The Hybrid IV has been perfected to work on Straight Track without the Disengaging Tab Locks
  • Greater Payload, which enables the Hybrid IV to carry many types of Jib Arms
  • Rear Deck Board for Covering Controls
  • All dolly deck controls are removable, allowing an even lower minimum deck height for transportation purposes or for using the Hybrid IV chassis as a base, for use with a jib arm…allowing no interference for 360 degree pan shots
  • New Wheel Design has Dramatically Reduced Friction for smooth, rolling shots when pushing the dolly on a smooth floor surface.  Additionally, the Hybrid IV Wheels Incorporate the Quick Release Clips System for Quick Tire Change Capabilities…also, this Package Comes With the Quick Jack System (Making Tire Change Even Easier than Before)
  • Improved Stop Valve System which Allows Even Faster, Smoother Stops
  • Arm is More Rigid, due to Improved Bearing System
  • Enterprise Accessory and Seat Comes Standard with the Hybrid IV Dolly Package
  • Hybrid IV has Many Accessories Available



Maximum Camera Mount Height (with Standard 12″ Riser) 6 ft. 2 in. 1.88 m
Maximum Camera Mount Height (without Risers) 5 ft. 2 in. 1.57 m
Minimum Camera Mount Height 19 in. 48 cm
Min. Camera Mount Height w/ Hybrid Low Camera 90 Degree Plate 1 in. 3 cm
Vertical Travel 3 ft. 7 in. 1.09 m
*Maximum Payload 700 lb 318 kg
**Maximum Payload with High Post Kit 1,900 lb 862 kg
Maximum Boom Lifts (Fully Charged) 5 Lifts
Chassis Maximum Length (Wheels Fully Extended) 4 ft. 6 in. 1.37 m
Chassis Minimum Length (Wheels Fully Retracted) 3 ft. 10 in. 1.17 m
Minimum Chassis Height for Transportation 17in. 43 cm
Chassis Variable Widths – Legs In at 12 Degrees Rear / 168 Degrees Front-Standard Track Position 30 in. 76 cm
Chassis Variable Widths – Legs in at 0 Degrees Rear / 180 Degrees Front 27 in. 68.5 cm
Chassis Variable Widths – Legs at 45 Degrees 35 in. 88.9 cm
Chassis Variable Widths – Legs at 79 Degrees – 880 mm Track Position 39 in. 99 cm
Steering Post Height 3 ft. 91 cm
Minimum Turn Radius Round Steering
Accumulator Charging Time (110 A.C. and D.C.) under 60 sec.
Accumulator Charging Time (Hand Pump) 2 1/2 min.
Minimum Door Width Hybrid Can Be Carried 18 in. 46 cm
Carrying Weight 395 lb 179 kg
Operational Weight (w/o Payload) 463 lb 210 kg
Hybrid w/ High Post Kit Operational Weight (w/o Payload) 501 lb 227 kg
*Payload Includes All Items (i.e. Man, Camera, Platform, Turret, Crane Arm, etc.) on Arm.
**Payload Includes All Items (i.e. Man, Camera, Platform, Turret, Crane Arm, etc.) on Base Mount.



Dimension Drawings