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Chapman Leonard Hustler IV Dolly

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-Steering Column
-8- Medium Tires
-8- Quick Tire Change Clips
-8- Spacers w/ Protective Caps
Four-Way Leveling Swing Head w/ Knob
Tracking Bar w/ Grip Pouch, Knee Pad & 2- End Plugs for Track bar
Valve Control Handle
MR Rear Deck Board
Compact Accessory Cart w/ Plastic Cover
Enterprise Low Mode w/ Foot Rest & Quick Release Pin
Dolly Nose Seat w/ Seat Belt
1- Dolly Seat w/ Lock Knob & locking pin
1- Locking Swivel Seat w/ Lock Knob & locking pin
2- 12″ Seat Risers (LONG POST’S)
2- 12″ Tracking Bar Extensions
Dolly Wrench
Tab Lock Lever Wrench
2- Front Lifting Bars
2- Rear Lift/Push Bars w/ 2- Adjustable Sleeves & Lock Knobs
90 Degree Low Plate w/ Quick Release Pin
24″ Camera Offset w/ 2-washers + 1-nut & bolt
16″ Camera Offset Plate w/ 2-washers + 1-nut & bolt 1-castle ring & level head adapter, 1-additional washer & 1″ bolt w/ thrust bearing
1- Seat Offset (LONG POST)
3″ Camera Riser w/ Castle Ring
6″ Camera Riser w/ Castle Ring
12″ Camera Riser w/ Castle Ring
2- Front Boards (Upper & Lower)
2- Filler Boards
2- Side Boards w/ 2- Platforms, 2- Lock Knobs, 2- Dovetails
2- Side Board Seat Adapters
Standing Board
Quick Jack
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  • New Sliding Side Board System with both high and low positions, allowing a variety of positions for the side boards, without removing or changing the boards. Hustler IV Side Board System incorporates seat and/or light pockets for convenient placement of seats or lights. -Accommodates three types of steering modes: Conventional, Crab, and Round
  • Built-in heater system for constant arm speed, even in cold weather conditions
  • Hustler IV can be used with Rain House Cover
  • Hustler IV has new 12″ extensions for the built-in Tracking Bar for use while dolly is on track
  • Works on both straight or curved track without auxiliary wheels
  • Performance on track has been improved due to new track wheel design
  • Works on standard 24 1/2″ dolly track
  • Greater payload, which enables the Hustler IV to carry many types of jib arms
  • New Hydraulic system for smoother, more precise camera moves
  • Arm is more rigid, due to improved bearing system
  • Selectable, adjustable single, double or triple detent system on main valve control for responsive control of arm movement
  • Improved stop valve system which allows even faster, smoother stops
  • New built-in 4-way leveling head with built-in camera swing head with quick release locking system, ergonomically designed for use on the set
  • All dolly deck controls are removable, allowing an even lower minimum deck height for transportation purposes or for using the Hustler IV chassis as a base, for use with a jib arm…allowing no interference for 360 degree pan shots
  • Hustler IV has Many Accessories Available




Camera Mount Height 5 ft 1.52 m
Camera Mount Height with 12? Riser 6 ft 1.83 m
Minimum Camera Mount Height 18 in 46 cm
Minimum Camera Mount Height with 12 inches Riser 2 ft. 6.75 in. 78 cm
Minimum Camera Mount Height with 90 degrees Plate 2 in 5 cm
Vertical Travel 3 ft. 6 in. 1.07 m
Maximum Payload* with Accumulator Charge at 3,300 psi 750 lb 340 kg
**Maximum Payload with High Post Kit 1,500 lb 680 kg
Maximum Boom Lifts (Fully Charged at 3,300 psi) 6 lifts
Chassis Length 2 ft. 3.5 in. 70 cm
Chassis Width 4 ft. 3 in. 1.29 m
Steering Post Height 3 ft. 4.75 in. 1.03 m
Front Deck Height 12.75 in 32 cm
Rear Deck Height 17 in 43 cm
Minimum Deck Height for Traveling 19.5 in 50 cm
Minimum Turn Radius (Round Mode) 2 ft. 4 in. 71 cm
Minimum Turn Radius (Conventional Mode) 3 ft. 10 in. 1.17 m
Accumulator Charging Time (110 AC and DC) under 60 sec.
Accumulator Charging Time (Hand Pump) 2 min
Carrying Weight 465 lb 211 kg
Standard Operational Weight* (without Payload) 505 lb 229 kg
Hustler with High Post Kit Operational Weight (without Payload) 465 lb 210 kg
*Payload includes All Items (i.e. Man, Camera, Platform, Turret, Crane Arm, etc.) on Arm
**Payload includes All Items (i.e. Man, Camera, Platform, Turret, Crane Arm, etc.) on Base Mount.




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